Freiraum (JPI)

Human being like many other animals has de necessity of socializing with others from the same species, no matter the reason for this action whether if it is only for leisure, or a resource for survival, it is a fact that socialize is fundamental for de wellbeing of the human kind.

Because if this fact be must understand that ¨freraum¨ is vital for the social cohesion and the good functioning of the city. Throughout history the different cultures have created an infinity of different examples of public spaces. Weather, religion, or cultural traditions are some of the causes of this diversity. ether if it is a plaza in Mexico, outside a mosque in Palestine, a park in Germany, or in the middle of the street in Morocco is in this public space where people generate experiences and crate histories of its own, they generate among the citizens a sense of property to the city and foment pride and love for its surroundings, making the people give this place a moral and sentimental value. For this reasons you will always fin in a human community this spaces

I believe that when designing a public space it is essential to understand the society which will use it, but at the end designing the city is to improve an already exiting way of life not imposing a new one.

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